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tim from 80-30 temperatures will not drop it will take tonight it live picture of michigan avenue shows 32 people out on this brisk evening. >> it's like moving from one season to the next it went through about 3-for crops this the tempters have been dropping ever since. look at the highs today the first time in 22 days that we had '80s at all of these
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stations including 81 at the weather front today. yet tonight, look at the temperatures down to 49 in streator 51 schaumburg. pretty chilly out there to a plot of the temperatures today, these are the highest shows the 77 at o'hare but the intrusion of the cooler air. the change in temperatures in just six hours time we went from 81 down to the low 50s and look at the drops in temperatures compared to 24 hours ago. it will be the coolest weekend since march we will be back with much more on this and how long this last. in the news tonight a fire fighter
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loses his life but not in a fire instead he is the victim of wells nile disease. a sad night for the chicago fire department especially for engine 10 wait here on the northwest side many of the firefighters are working tonight. according to the fire department he was bitten by a mosquito two weeks ago and was admitted to hospital after experiencing flow like symptoms and he died later this evening again west nile virus is the expected cause of death. his friends say he is going to be
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missed a lot. he is a very well- respected officer on the job. there's nothing that they would not do for him. his family watching them interact with his family is amazing. his nickname is bulldog? why did he get that nickname? i think most of all for his stubbornness. it was something that he didn't agree with. the congressman is a jokester he always had a smile on his face, always laughing always polite and always cordial. he always did his job he always enjoyed the fire department and the job he did he
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survived by his wife and three adult children. >> testing that found the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease and hoover wood elementary the schools remain open while cleaningcleaning is being done. a car that was missing for months turns up in the rooms of brothers and raj it's being processed here by evidence technicians with the illinois state police. a very
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distinctive sports car phone was ever released by detectives in the spring and they want to track it down they believe the 26 year-old newlywed was murdered in it hours after her may wedding stabbed to death by the groom 30 year-old arnaldo. pérez body was found in his bathtub on may 13th and it's believed that he fled to mexico the same day the fbi and the dea busted his brother last week as part of a wide ranging drug investigation in fact it was an fbi swat team that performed the tactical entry at his home on south mozart and first laid eyes on the car. you can see the
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front end of a maserati. commuters tell us they have been to that home before but the car had not been there they may have missed the next depp which would have been to clean it up documents filed in federal court related to this case indicate not much of an effort was made to do that which means there is quite a bit of blood and other physical evidence still inside. southwest suburban teachers on strike and contact negotiations are getting ugly. evergreen park teachers' union reps reporting back that things got heated during their latest contract talk at one point the school board attorney allegedly on least a screaming outburst. unleashed
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a screaming outburst. >> defense. they don't walk along. union officials say they offered a compromise on health care which is a major sticking point but it was rejected by school district leaders it is official chicago public schools and their teachers have a new deal with the teachers' union president karen lewis supporting the contract was overwhelmingly approved with nearly 80% of voting in favor it's the highest approval rating for a contract in history school officials say they will report back on this either this week or next. faulty seats have been toppling over during takeoff on american airlines flights. three american planes had seats come
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loose during flights a lot of officials are apologizing to customers tonight is always of the utmost priority to americans. regular seasons have been cancelled and the nhl lockout no progress at the bargaining table so the season will not start on time this season will start maybe january until now the regular season has been affected it was set to begin next week money is the issue they are at odds and how to spread out $3 billion in revenue no new talks have been scheduled. six years ago the entire season was left out by
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labor disputes that will not happen this time. new seats at wrigley and maybe football returning there? the committee approved a plan today to move the brick wall 3 ft. allow enough room for an added 66 premium seats the cubs got the approval to reconfigure it down the third decline as well it will make a partly movable that should make enough room to safely at football fields for the future games today starting to gain international attention tonight she is sharing it with wgn elizabeth smart to the woman that was held hostage for months talks to us tonight. the winner, the loser and how
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president obama and romney are spinning last night's debate.
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>> the so-called king of clubs headed to prison williams only demand this summer for two as
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the state's ultimate political insider today sentenced by a federal judge to one year and one day he was convicted for attempting to shake down a hollywood producer he asked a judge for a probation citing failing health we are disappointed that mr. selene did not get a sentence and probation but obviously we except the sentencing that the judge provided a catholic priest from indiana disappears in greece and his family believes that he is in serious danger or maybe even dead, father christian said that he and a translator were trying to escape from a foreign country and they were involved in a heated dispute to the
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archdiocese says it's aware of the situation and is praying for its safe return. a cnn post a debate last night reflects what the pundits have been saying all along today it was a resounding victory for the republican candidate mitt romney apparently uncommitted registered voters showed 57 percent of them gave romney the wind. he was quick to return to the campaign trail in colorado where he and his sons made a surprise appearance at the chicago conservative political action committee. i know this is going to be a close fought battle we need to win colorado and if we do we're going to take back the white house. now the debate will be whether debating success translates to both around the country also at a campaign stop in denver
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president barack obama referred to romney as a good fellow but said it wasn't the real mitt romney. >> the real romney has been running around the country for the last year promising 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts to pay for the wealthy and last night he said he didn't know anything about that. he flew to his next campaign stop in madison wisconsin. stiller had held captive for months 10 years later elizabeth smart is promoting a new cause sharing a personal message here also a local scientists has
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open >> elisabeth smart has been thrust into the limelight since she survived a kidnapping from her salt lake city home nearly ted years ago smart made her first trip to the chicago area now using her unintended fame to become a child protection advocate elisabeth smart will never forget what happened to her in june of 2002 but the soft-spoken young woman who recently got married carrey hope in her heart she is trying to bring that message to others like her while trying to help children stay safe.
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elisabeth smart wasn't going to let her kidnappers have power over her in the 10 years since that life changing event smart decided to use what she learned no matter how painful to help others. but she was taken by her home by a man and his wife held hostage for nine months and raped repeatedly. >> everybody thinks a different challenge is in their lives and we are our own mount everest and sometimes we just all feel like we have the strength to go on so part of where i speak is to encourage the people to continue moving forward. elisabeth smart was the keynote speaker at the healthy women's expo in lincolnshire but her message is geared more towards children, resisting aggression
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defensively helps kids defend themselves should be taken like she was. it teaches children many different options from screaming, kicking and yelling and that actually goes into physical self-defense moves. smart felt like she didn't have those options but the 24 year- old never lost hope and while she gets scared about the future every once in awhile she knows this path is the bestbest for her right now. >> each one of us has something to offer and you never know who you can help by reaching out, by speaking out miracles happen. elisabeth smart said she wants to have lots of children, she still plays the harp harping to perform at carnegie hall one day she definitely would like to pursue it so she is really doing a great thing it coming out of
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this tragedy and she sees it as recalling right now. still ahead, shocking video a bus driver attacked for no apparent reason and white a chicago student will be the first across a marathon line this season. and the james bond movie finally released. what it will be like, coming up.
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in tonight's medical watch a deadly form of meningitis it's not contagious but cases are growing nearly half a dozen fatalities and dozens of allergies the center for disease control and prevention say the steroid shots were from a pharmacy in massachusetts shipped to 23 states held officials believe a steroid was in their resulting in infections and for the next few months even more people may get sick.
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alzheimer's is linked to the cell death which occurs to rid the body of accumulated dna damage but the same process appears to impact the brain cell deterioration associated with alzheimer's university researchers said the finding may help them target a treatment for the mind dropping disease. rapid testing of baby dna may save lives, children at mercy hospital say they developed a pass to analyze a whole genome sequence in just 50 hours current screenings can take up to one month critical time more and genetic diseases could be diagnosed and early intervention strategy started, up to one- third in babies have genetic diseases at birth but doctors often do not know what's wrong. >> that warm weather earlier today a memory. tom skilling tells us how long it is going to be here.
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in six hours we dropped 26 degrees which is like the equivalent of a two in a half month temperature shift here with normal temperatures despite the wind and rain is our fall colors survived some more
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beautiful shops and a myers took this in the rockford area. look at that color display their there's even a rainbow that was captured by the former intern monica sort and plans tonight at a flash of thunder or two in some areas but at least it wasn't the foot of snow that fell on northwest sections of minnesota more on that in a moment. the front passed around 3-4:00 and temperatures have been dropping ever since here is where the rain is on the radar. there is even some lightning in the storms. we are expecting this rain except for one little rain that may go through the southern suburbs to pullout. it
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brings the cool air in but drier weather as well. right up here is where you get the heavy snow 14 in. northwest ad badger minnesota. and as minnesota 8 in. so it could be worse and tonight there are gale warnings on the lake 10 states with frost and freeze advisories' from western iowa all the way to western washington and oregon the low temperatures over the weekend will be the coolest we have had in six months. 81 at both of those locations these are some weather but temperatures tonight in stark
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contrast elgin is at 50 and sycamore, 49 so is aurora. we expect ratings down in the '30's by warning. highs today only in the '30's out in parts of the dakotas. we will keep this jet a buckled into the cool air pouring into our part of the
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country and the continent. we are not done with the warm weather yet. here are the temperatures tonight 45 at the twin cities. 39 tonight at fargo tomorrow we will be 23 degrees cooler than today and the coolest weekend expected around here since march. you see that in our computer forecast which keeps lakefront temperatures in the mid forties tonight, 42 at o'hare going back up to 57 tomorrow. most of the western suburbs down into the 20s.
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showers will keep shifting out of the area. the wins will let up 6-16 tonight tomorrow starts a sunny but clouds build in the afternoon. high of 58 scattered clouds and colder tomorrow night. and partly cloudy more like november then early october. >> north side vs. south side and
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we're not talking baseball, the marathon rivalry that is sure to get some attention this weekend.
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out the final runners in the north and south sides. frank collins has this report. the runners are/where their school is geographically north or south usually high school students are caught up in local rivalries but for one race they won bragging rights for one year. these are just a few of the high school boys and girls eagerly anticipating the day of the bank of america chicago marathon. everything wipes out and i just run. but these kids are not raising and the world-renowned 26.2 mi. race, they will be running in the nike north side south side challenge its cross- country meet on the same course on the same day at the same time as the marathon these people run
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just one-tenth of the distance at 2.26 mi.. instead of 45,000 runners going for a personal bet the challenge is about hundreds of kids representing their schools. i really hope north side wins. shy and as a top runner on the north side i really have a passion for racing. in practice she has been working on her kick that's how runners describe their ability to sprint to the finish this time around she has aspirations of leading the north side to victory as the winner on the girl's side. i do think i'm the favorite in this competition. cheyenne has run across the country and the world she is already getting scholarship offers from division one
9:40 pm
schools. the challenge as a special place in cheyennes heart. i think it's really important she says. to provide each student special uniforms and new sneakers it's designed to get kids excited about running and allow them and on close . louise ray as is running for the south side in his second challenge the hubbard high school junior says the competition is intense. just minutes before the elite runners. many of these boys and
9:41 pm
girls hope to ron and maybe even win a marathon one day. they hope that they will be 1 mi. closer to making their dreams come true. the winning team gets the north side south side trophy but more importantly those bragging rights around the city. but the south side came out on top last year the challenge kicks off at 31st in michigan just after 730 in the morning. coming up, a brand new dinosaur discovery made by local scientists. later in sports he maybe the bears smallest defender but tim jennings aren't big honors today. era laundry
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detergent once stomped a stain with such power, [ rumbling, people screaming ] the results could be felt around the world. twice the stain fighting power as the next leading liquid value brand. era detergent. a lot of fight for a little dough.a bus driver punched
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in the face right in the middle of his route this is from our sister station eight teenage boys sing here on video released by police heat sucker punches the driver rendering him nearly unconscious. he had a barricade
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after trying to drive the suspect and his friends were asked to get off the bus when they did not pay their fares someone else was hurt and police are still looking for the suspect. a major milestone for the world's biggest social network facebook has reached 1 billion active users mark zukerberg announced the new numbers today and a status update on their personal facebook page meeting one out of every seven people on this earth is active on the web site there are 156 million users in the u.s. alone. a 200 million year- old discovery based on one of chicago's very own paul sorvino and covering a never before seen dina store. it looked a lot like a tool like a porcupine but the dinosaur was less than 2 ft. long and almost catlike in its
9:46 pm
ways they suspect they were the first non meat eating dinosaurs as part of a complex social life. this is the first plant eating specialized group of dinosaurs so this is a major evolutionary feet to develop cheeks complex and efficient for tearing plants. he was the first to describe the species and its fossilized remains were excavated in the 19 fifties. it is amazing how they are able to visualize and what the animal looks like quite remarkable in this area is getting cool and we are not done with the warm weather yet you have to have a thick snow patch and that's nowhere near been established.
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you can see temperatures right now across the country they started showing before a big turn back to warm weather later next week this is a 10 day animation we're up to monday witches columbus day. it will feature a strong southwest wind we will be back in below and mid-60s by tuesday to bring a second slug of warmer air and but look at the war of the bat circulates back and again the warm weather is not done but it will be in the 40's or 30's in the suburbs by morning, 57 the forecast thai tomorrow and look at the los tomorrow night with isolated teens. we expect a 32 by saturday morning here in
9:48 pm
chicago and then we will warm close to 50 and then drop off again nine more '70s. 21 in 1975. it will still be producing a brisk northwest wind tomorrow and into saturday but as the high comes over arrest and passes southwest right there on columbus day it will be howling but warming up in the process you can see that in the seven day forecast we can go from 58 tomorrow to 51 for a high 70. not a lot of rain forecast just a chance for a sprinkle or a flurry late saturday or sunday morning. we
9:49 pm
will turn the hereon outside. we will keep you safe from the flurry. >> gremmie winner adele providing a title track for the latest james bond movie the news and song partially leaked yesterday. coming up, the players are still at the impasse at the nhl they're starting to cancel the regular season. theo epstein reflects on his first season in charge, rich king is
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>> brian was given the day off by lovey's meth. a well deserved honor for jim jennings named defensive player of the month in the nfc. jim jennings leads the nfl with four interceptions. he
9:53 pm
set the off seasonspend the off-season studying video and came into the game determined to correct his mistakes. i never doubted my athletic ability i just want to work on making plays inside the best opportunities. the bears' defense sparkled against dallas and the cover to scheme has worked well the quarterbacks in the rest of the defense love him but for brian are lacquered he feels like the lonely man in the middle i am being selfish i really involved in the play. it's just kind of running
9:54 pm
through the metal and hoping something happens i am really good at congratulating people the number one high fiber when someone explodes. we told you earlier the national hockey league canceled games the players have been locked out and no new contracts have been scheduled is a bleak picture right now. the owners want the player to lower their pay from 47 57-47%. this will be nasty before it gets better. it's frustrating but from what we have been told everything is taking a rollback lead. from our stance we all have much to talk about that. it certainly
9:55 pm
disappointing that it appears we do not really have a negotiating partner that wants to get something done. the truth is i don't think we will get anything done until we decide that he wants to negotiate and we will be at his mercy until he sides to do so. there is not much question that the right thing is trying to refuel. it will be rough staying the course. it's a pretty comprehensive overhaul. of the baseball organization here and we are in the midst of it we are accountable for what happens in the big-league this by what goes on behind the scenes this is a very disappointing baseline that we have to grow from and my hope is
9:56 pm
that years from now when we are celebrating success year in and year out we look back to 2012 and say look how far we came and i think that we will. also part konerko successful price sandberg is the name bobby valentine fired at the red sox no surprise. he belongs to the broadcasting right now. that's the news for this thursday night we are happy you shared your time with us. from all of us have a great night.
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